Free Ice Cream Invites

Available in three colors (pink, blue, and green; see the pdf below), these cute ice cream invites make swell invitations for a whole series of cute themed events. Print the icecream invitations for free and use them for everything from an ice cream social party invitation to a kids birthday party invite.

Ice Cream Social Invitations

A set of cute ice cream social themed invitations, perfect for any informal gathering. There are 3 colors: blue, green, and pink, and each printable invite features an illustration of an ice cream sundae. There's room to add the name of who's getting the invitation, plus space for whatever extras you want to add.

Download the Invitations

Ice Cream Social Invitations

Download Ice Cream Social Invitations in pdf format!


  1. Hey says

    I printed them out, glued them on to some cute paper, and mailed them to every one invited to the party. Everyone said they where stupid. Nobody came to my party cuz the invitese where stupid. NO 1 CAME. I balled my eyes out on the day of my party and wuz so depressed. I AM POPULAR. I am the pretty cute blonde girl who is awsome at everything who all the ugly fat girls hate. I ♥ being me. I HATE FAT PEOPLE : ) Any ways so as u can c it waznt me it was the invites, cuz I just told u i am POPULAR + MY DADDY IS RICH. I ♥ BEING RICH. Thanks to my rich daddy though I had a super awsome party the next month and let me say i was a little NAUGHTY. IT WUZ SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN (in many wayz LOL) Also if your fat u r ugly and dont step foot in ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH. That place is for skinny pretty people LIKE ME. Man, I ♥ being me.

  2. says

    Best. Comment. Ever.

    P.S. You sure you spelled your address correctly? You may want to double check next time since spelling doesn’t appear to be your strong point.

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