Stencil Fleur Tabbed Recipe Card Dividers

Requested awhile ago, this post serves as the first free downloadable recipe card divider set. There are 6 tabbed dividers available in alternating green and purple colors. If you’d like to see a different color scheme, leave a comment below.

Find matching recipe cards here.

Stencil Fleur 4x6 Recipe Card Dividers

A set of purple and green tabbed recipe card dividers with a stencil print of a floral design. These cards come in popular 4x6 inches and are a great way to organize all those stacks of cards! Type your own recipe categories into the tabs when you open it in your favorite pdf reader. Then print the dividers and get to organizing.

Download the Recipe Card Dividers

Stencil Fleur 4x6 Recipe Card Dividers

Download Stencil Fleur 4x6 Recipe Card Dividers in pdf format!


  1. Vicki says

    These tabbed dividers are absolutely beautiful and delightful! LOVE THEM! Thank you!

  2. Bella013175 says

    These are great! However, I am printing them on paper that already has a design on it, I am wondering if you could post one that is just blank?
    Thanks so much!!!

  3. Lorie Shepherd says

    I like having these “make your own category” receipe card dividers available as opposed to just alphabet tabs. I even like the stenciling. However, I needed dividers to go into a receipe box for my son’s new apartment. I’m sure your creative artists can come up w/ a less floral design to it. Perhaps something more geometric shape in nature…or the like. Thank you

  4. says

    Good idea. I’ve had a few requests for more tabbed cards so I’ll try to get on that as soon as I’ve got a bit of time (maybe later this week).

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