Free Pink and Green Grunge Printable Bookmark

If you’re looking for a girly and grunge bookmark then look no further than this pink and green grunge design, perfect to save a page in any great volume. This free bookmark features a mottled pink and green wash with a background of faded white polka dots.

It’s recommended to print from the pdf file as it will ensure accurate sizing in print, but should you wish to print from your browser the images are available below the .pdf document.

To use this free printable bookmark, cut around solid lines and fold down the middle (the extra side is added for reinforced durability). You can glue, tape, or laminate the bookmark, or you can simply cut out the picture side only if you prefer. Print out extras and pass them out to all your book reading buddies!

Download in .pdf format

Print From Web:

To print, click on the image(s) below and the Lists will open in a page which can be printed. It is, however, recommended that you print from the pdf document above.

Free Deco Printable Bookmark

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